Manual Thinking Book

manual thinking libroOut now in English, Spanish, German and Dutch, the Manual Thinking Book offers a complete summary of the tool, containing background information of the studio, why the tool has been made and what for, followed by a user´s guide including a collection of creative and organizational methods which can be applied with the tool, each explained step by step.

The book comes with a set of a Manual Thinking map and labels to put the theory into practice immediately.

You can find the English version right here in our online store. The Spanish and German version are available through their respective publishers Empresa Activa and Gabal Verlag, or through physical and/or online bookstores such as Amazon, Casa del LibroEl Corte Inglés, or Fnac.

Workshop Saturday 16th of December

Want to learn how to get the most out of Manual Thinking? Participate in our Introduction Workshop! We welcome you to our studio to apply the tool in combination with several methods for the creation, organization and evaluation of ideas and projects. A dynamic experience with a group of like minded creatives. A good way to give a boost to your creative and organizative potential!

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Education workshops

Introduce Manual Thinking at your school or university!

Manual Thinking can be a very helpful tool for studying purposes, applicable from grade-schools to universities of all kinds of fields. Whether for planning purposes, project exploration or presentation, the didactic process of noting, drawing and arranging content on maps in groups is suitable for all academic areas.

education workshop

Manual Thinking offers workshops at schools & universities for students to learn how to apply the Manual Thinking tool and associated methodology. Rather than giving a lecture or presentation, the intention is to always put the tool to practice in a hands-on session.

Since the start of the project, Manual Thinking has had ongoing collaborations with many academic institutions, realizing frequent workshops for  Barcelona´s local design schools such as EINA, ELISAVA, IED & Massana, but also for universities of other areas such as the Universidad de Barcelona or the Basque Culinary Centre, and overseas for example at Columbia University and The Berlage Institute.

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education workshop

Company workshops

Customized workshops applied to your business case.

The Manual Thinking tools have been originally designed to improve and manage the creativity workshops of Luki Huber´s product design studio, where clients are invited to participate in a methodical search for new opportunities, as an integral part of the total design process.

Once evolved into a versatile tool for the stimulation of innovation, many companies apart from our design clients have shown interest in adopting the Manual Thinking work approach as well. Therefore we have realized workshops on a regular basis for companies such as Nestlé Spain, Griffith Laboratories, Spring Singapore, Bicentury and Bon Àrea.

innovation luki huber

The workshops can be realized with various goals in mind, for example for a methodic search for new product or service ideas, for an exploration of new strategies, or simply for a training in creative teamwork. Depending on the needs of the client, we design a customized workshop, in which we create a work sequence where a selection of methods is mixed with the key points of our clients´ business vision. The results of the workshop are always translated into an atlas of visual maps, which are also converted into a digital document.

In the inspiring setting of the Manual Thinking studio, with all necessary materials at hand, we work with a dynamic team of our clients´ employees together with invited experts and/or end-users who have a special relation to the theme. An ideal opportunity to approach a business case from a new perspective!

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innovation workshop

Participate in our workshops!

Want to learn how to improve your creative output? Participate in one of our workshops!

Held every month in the Manual Thinking Studio in Barcelona, the Initiation Workshop is open for subscription to all individuals who are interested in learning how to use the tool optimally and practice its application with various methods for the exploration, creation, evaluation and organization of ideas and projects.

taller de iniciacion

In a 4-hour inspiring express-course, the participants are guided through various exercises to apprehend the ins and outs of the tool. Apart from learning a new work approach, the workshop is great opportunity to get to know like-minded persons from distinct backgrounds.

Interested in participating? Find out the next dates in our Facebook or Instagram feed and subscribe at!

Read also about or workshops for companies or schools.

workshop manual thinking

Manual Thinking Box

manual thinking box

Manual Thinking Box: Organization and inspiration at sight!

The Manual Thinking Box is a wall organizer that lets you store all your objects beautifully, at hand and at sight. Each module consists of a square base that is fixed to the wall, available in a variety of colors, and a transparent box which can be easily placed and removed from the base.

Like the other products of the Manual Thinking range, the Manual Thinking Box has been created with creative teamwork in mind. In Luki´s studio for example, the Manual Thinking Box are housing hundereds of items, such as inspirational objects, material samples, tools and materials for prototyping by hand. The participants, although new to the studio, can localize and take out whatever object they need at any moment for improvement idea creation and visualization. Instant creativity!

The  Manual Thinking Box can be used to create an inspiring workspace, to organize your office materials at sight, to let your kids store their toys, to keep your bathroom accessories neat and clean, to display your collections… the possibilities are infinite!

For more information and the online store of the product:

Created in collaboration with: Plastisan

Make creative teamwork effective!

creative teamworkgo to online storeManual Thinking is especially indicated for effective teamwork.

The tool allows all members of a team to be at work at once, writing and drawing their ideas and opinions on the removable labels. All the inputs are organized on the surface of the foldable maps to create a visualization of the thoughts of the group as a whole.

benefit: Manual Thinking facilitates project development and decision-taking in groups by creating a quick visualization of all opinions and possibilities. All work is saved by folding and indicating the map!

Manual Thinking Templates: The easy way to start a map

manual thinking template 5W 1HNot sure how to start creating a map? Manual Thinking offers pre-defined work templates which you can print out on labels, providing you with the first steps to take to create complete maps and apply some effective creativity methods. Ideal for both novice users and teamwork: just print out the templates and place them on the map so you and/or you team members can start working immediately.

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Exploration: ‘Five W’s & one H’ template

The most basic way to explore any idea, problem or other theme is using method known as 5 W’s and 1 H or the Kipling Method, consisting of a list of the fundamental questions What? Why? Who? Where? When? and How? Once answered it will provide you with a complete overview of the idea or topic you want to explore and understand. This template of the method provides an easy way to initiate a mindmap with the Manual Thinking material, both for novice users and teams: you can start working right away!

Download the template heremanual thinking template 5W 1HStep 1: Download & print the template on large labels

Step 2: Place the theme in the center of the map and stick the labels of the template around it

Step 3: Start exploring!manual thinking template 5W 1H (page: Five W’s & One H. Sept. 2013)

Idea generation: ‘Osborn’s Checklist’ template

New ideas tend to arise from combining or altering existing elements. Alex Osborn, a creative theorist coming from the advertisement industry and the originator of the brainstorming technique, therefore created a complete checklist containing many possibilities to change an existing idea or product into new ideas, whether close or far from the initial idea. This idea creation technique is called Osborn’s Checklist, also known as SCAMPER, which letters refer to the actions Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify, Put to other use, Eliminate and Rearrange. This template offers a version of the checklist that is very easy to apply with the Manual Thinking material, the format being apt for both individual and teamwork.

Dowload the template heremanual thinking template osborn checklist

Step 1: Download & print the template on a sheet of Manual Thinking’s large labels

Step 2: Place an initial idea, product or object in the center of the map and stick the labels of the template around

Step 3: Convert the initial product or idea into new ideas, using the actions described in the template. Try to find at least 2-3 ideas for each stage and draw them on big labels which you place around the checklist.manual thinking template osborn checklist example map

Osborn, A.F. Applied Imagination: Principles and Procedures of Creative Problem Solving, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1953 (page: Alex Faickney Osborn. Sept. 2013)