Manual Thinking Book

manual thinking libroOut now in English, Spanish, German and Dutch, the Manual Thinking Book offers a complete summary of the tool, containing background information of the studio, why the tool has been made and what for, followed by a user´s guide including a collection of creative and organizational methods which can be applied with the tool, each explained step by step.

The book comes with a set of a Manual Thinking map and labels to put the theory into practice immediately.

You can find the English version right here in our online store. The Spanish and German version are available through their respective publishers Empresa Activa and Gabal Verlag, or through physical and/or online bookstores such as Amazon, Casa del LibroEl Corte Inglés, or Fnac.

Creative Thinking Tool

Manual Thinking is a tool for organizing thoughts, ideas and projects in a simple and direct way.

bodegon manual thinkinggo to online storeNote and arrange

Manual Thinking is a combination of blank foldable maps and removable labels of various sizes and colors. The labels invite to abbreviate ideas in keywords and sketches. The maps offer a large support to organize the labels on, visualizing the content in its context.

example: Take notes at school or a in meeting on the Manual Thinking labels, to organize them on maps!

Make creative teamwork effective!

creative teamworkgo to online storeManual Thinking is especially indicated for effective teamwork.

The tool allows all members of a team to be at work at once, writing and drawing their ideas and opinions on the removable labels. All the inputs are organized on the surface of the foldable maps to create a visualization of the thoughts of the group as a whole.

benefit: Manual Thinking facilitates project development and decision-taking in groups by creating a quick visualization of all opinions and possibilities. All work is saved by folding and indicating the map!

Why Manual Thinking?

Manual Thinking is a universal tool to treat organizational and creative tasks in an active and direct manner, efficient for both individuals or teams. It facilitates:

why manual thinkingLearning:

  • Using Manual Thinking helps you to better understand a situation by adding hierarchies, categories and relations to its information. Additionally, working manual and visual makes it easier to interiorize the subject at hand, using more cognitive functions of your brain.

Taking decisions:

  • Manual Thinking lets you gather information in an organized way to create an overview of a situation to make taking decisions easier. Collect pro’s and contra’s, alternative options and figure out next steps to take. Especially useful in groups, the tool allows team members to note their opinions without interruptions or discussions.

Finding new solutions:

  • With Manual Thinking creativity can be treated in a pro-active manner, with organization as an important basis. It allows you to arrange ideas by groups, making it easy to expand them and find alternatives. The format allows team members to associate on each other ideas quickly through writing and drawing. Furthermore, the tool has been developed with various methods for structured idea generation in mind, which can be easily applied with the Manual Thinking tool. Working manual and visual is all about using the right side of your brain, bringing out the creativity in you.